lead generation

Attract the right audience, improve qualified leads, and increase your business’ financial performance with a carefully-planned and strategic lead generation approach.

lead generation

Our digital marketing team are certified and highly proficient in what we do. Hence, in purchasing our Lead Generation service, you can be assured that you will be provided with a cutting edge set-up and management with fast and friendly support.

Audience Analysis

Our team of digital marketing professionals will help you analyze the best audience for your business. This stage is key to the success of your content online, so we keep this on top of everything. Before creating content and promoting it to various online platforms, we first identify the background of your past customers and target audience. Then, we assess their background and preferences according to your data or from our market research. With this, ESTRAT can give you the best lead generation strategy for your business.

Results Assessment

Aside from sending you reports of your progress, our team of digital marketing specialists analyze the results of each content to identify the success of every project or campaign. We curate each data, analyze each metrics, and identify every detail because these represent the overall success of our campaign. With this, we determine the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats in the overall campaign and provide you the necessary improvement which we can use in your future lead generation campaigns.

Content Promotion through Various Channels

Our team of social media pros promotes all of your content as well as engage with your audience to ensure that they are nurtured in all parts of your lead generation campaign. We will promote your contents to various online platforms such as on your website or on your social media accounts. Our team ensures that every content that you want for your target customers to see will be published and is optimized to the assigned platform.

Progress Documentation

As part of the other task of our social media pros, they document the progress of your campaigns. We track every metric on each platform to give you an in-depth knowledge on the progress of each content. Our team ensures that each likes, comments, shares, and other relevant metrics are recorded and will be presented on our report.

Optimized Content Creation

Before sending purposive campaign emails to your audiences, our email marketing specialists segment your audience according to their background and preferences. We don’t skip this part of the email marketing process to ensure an increase in open rates and click-through rates.

Build A Custom Lead Generation Package for your Business!

If you’re looking for a way to double the sales performance of your business, you better plan a lead generation strategy that will attract and drive your audience into the sales funnel.

Consumers these days prefer products and services from brands known to them. So, if they don’t know about your business, they’ll just skip your advertisement or any marketing materials you put on the Internet. This is where lead generation comes in. Lead generation is an essential aspect of your overall online marketing strategy because this, Attract a wide variety of audience and target them according to their background and preferences, Engage audience with various well-planned digital content and strategically communicate with them through various online platforms, Delight audience with products and services that are demonstrated through the most effective advertising formats online, Convert audience into loyal customers of your business through the whole lead generation process.

This process is simply the act of attracting and converting audience into someone who becomes interested with the products and services of your company. However, you need to put a lot of effort and personalization throughout the whole process in generating leads to ensure sales