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Gain visibility in front of a much larger audience and generate potential leads and prospects by leveraging on a customized online marketing strategy provided by ESTRAT Cebu Digital Marketing Team.

Digital marketing team

Outsourcing still means that you are hiring a company to take care of your online campaigns. There are bound to be factors that you need to consider before reaching out to them.You may refer to some guide questions that you should first ask yourself.

Quality Output

To ensure the quality output of the agency, you must check their previous works. Check if they were able to handle the other company's digital marketing campaigns and assess how effective their campaigns were.

Samples can help you decide whether you'll hire the agency or not. Their work portfolio can be a basis on the quality of their work. Take your time and don't rush, get to know the agency you are going to be working with in the future.

Similar Industries and Campaigns

No matter how experienced and impressive the agency is. You must and would want to work with someone who knows a lot and is knowledgeable of the type of industry you have. Choosing the right ones will greatly help you as they have already "tested and proven" campaigns in the past. Finding out their previous profile should be the first thing you'll have in mind.

Helps Your Business Grow

You are starting small today with the vision to make it big someday. While there are a lot of agencies that will promise you results. You must choose an agency that sees the same direction of growth for your company. Look for another agency that will help you expand your business. For you’ll never know when you might expand in other areas.

Pricing of Services

Although it's tempting to choose a cheaper agency, you must place quality on top of your mind. Check and compare industry rates to get a knowledge of pricing. Keep in mind that there are many online marketing strategies. The rates may vary but what you'd want to look for is a company with rates that cover more than just one service.

Work Consistency

If you do outsourcing, there's a greater chance that they won't fail in delivering what they are asked to do. As outsourced agencies are committed and are bent on presentably delivering your content. Thus reducing the chances of facing late deadlines and deliverables.

Choose Overseas or Go Local

Most companies tend to outsource out of their country due to cheaper labor costs. However, checking in your local area for some homegrown talents can both help your society as well. Of course you still need local talents that are successful in their line of work. You just have to look them up in the internet.

Clear Contract Between Parties

Establish clear contracts in the work you are expecting from the other party. Always make it legal and binding. In this way, you are guaranteed that they will fulfill their part of the bargain.

Build A Custom Digital Marketing Team Package for your Business!

Internet usage is at an all time high. The Philippines alone has a general market who spends six hours of their day on social media platforms. With each advancement of technology and creative ideas and campaigns, users can find and enjoy more services that changes how marketers operate.

Your business must go digital to get the attention your brand needs to grow. With Cebu Digital Marketing Team at ESTRAT, we can connect you to a specific audience at their time of convenience when they use channels like, Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, Email, Websites.

If you’re a small-medium sized business, a local or foreign startup, every moment of your time must be used appropriately to improve your business internal and external management.

If you want to improve your sales without investing too much capital on creating your own digital marketing team, it’s all the more reason why you must hire and outsource to an experienced digital marketing agency as your partner to guide and curate your online campaigns.