Five Questions To Help You Identify The Right Outsource Digital Marketing Agency for You

Having a reliable Outsource digital marketing agency partner is essential in growing your business fast. Before hiring one, be sure to ask these questions which is critical in identifying if they are the right fit for your business

1. Do you have experience in my industry? Do you serve my competitors? 

If they have experience, ask for examples of work and services, and actual numbers for results they have achieved in your industry. Ask for the names of any clients in the same industry so there is no conflict of interest with providing services to competing companies.

You can start by asking if the agency already has an experience working for your industry. Ask for the names of the clients of your same industry and make sure there is no conflict of interest in providing you the services that are similar to competing companies.

2. How do you measure success? And what happens if the goals aren’t met?

To answer this question, your outsource digital marketing agency will need to focus on your goals and metrics to establish the benchmark of a successful marketing campaign. You can also include the terms for your financial commitment if ever the services fall short of expectations.

3. Do you outsource any of the services you plan to get into?

We believe this is self-explanatory. Since there are too many things to do, look for a provider who will make it easier to manage accountabilities of the projects and are also offering the services that you want to employ.

4. How do you handle reports and updates on my metrics?

It’s important to know if you will be provided with a contact person who will help translate the tracked and measured metrics. You can also use this point to clarify how often you can receive your reports and how available they can be to answer your queries.

5. What will the first 90 days of working with each look like?

Always try to get a clear picture on how the setup, onboarding process, communication and billing process will look like. A skilled digital marketing agency must have a documented and systematic in place, if they don’t you might want to reconsider all of the other points.

Working With An Outsource Digital Marketing Agency

To summarize, working with a digital marketing agency is a stress-free business pivot. Although there may be one-time processes like developing your new website, there will be other on-going marketing strategies that’ll remain to be worked on.

A digital marketing agency will also use multiple digital media channels to promote your business. But this will vary depending on the particular marketing strategies, budget, industry and the timeframe you’ve set for your campaigns.

Now, all the tasks related to implementing and maintaining your marketing efforts will be handled by a liaison. And the liaison will be in-charge of delegating tasks and providing updates on the progress of your projects through meetings, reports, and even email status updates.

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